For all the Marynissen boys. Technically, he has two arms. He has two hands, two wrists, two biceps. Technically: Andy Marynissen has two arms. With the right side of his body, he is very strong. Can do push-ups one-handed, many… Continue Reading

Venus’s Furs

All of it culminates in that moment—hands pressing right places hard enough, tongue sharp, tone the perfect mixture of desire and disgust—everything aligning like planets in a Greek myth. One side eclipses the other, muscles contract in white-hot bursts of… Continue Reading


If you take a wander up through the hilly regions north of Binzhou, you will find some stretches of very beautiful landscape. They feature in no guidebooks, though that’s not a matter of mystery or concealment; the place just isn’t… Continue Reading


Three days ago, coyotes broke into the new blue sheen of Superstore’s tinfoil exterior. They slunk like transients in through the back and Corporate became clam-like, grasping for self-preservation. Only the bare minimum of press conferences were held, and no… Continue Reading