Good Listening Hygiene

Iron Boy has been
Called to save Sydney
From annihilation
And the Myers-Briggs
Personality Test
Doesn’t actually mean
Anything. A new study
Suggests horses can
Read facial expressions
Differentiate heroes
And goats roam empty
Prairies of our memory.
Chemical strangle
Emasculates the burn.
My tolerances alter
With the dosages.
I am now willing
To spread-eagle to
Bugs and electricity.
Fire up my turbine.
If you are trying
You are fifty times
More likely than
The average cynic
To suffer illness
Necessary for authentic
Insight and sympathy.
Torrential downpours
Smack foreheads. We
Are meat, physics, cells.
Lather, rinse and repeat.



BOONA DAROOM‘s work has appeared in LIT, the Nashville Review, and SOFTBLOW, among other places. He lives in Brooklyn.


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