Two Poems by Ben Gallagher

The limits of power

All of what
a cloud could do
I can do
in my mind
dragon whale
small girl child
willow tree

past thoughts
caught in a
memory box
pocket of digital faces
numbers not to call

skin remakes itself
body a cloud
that can be held
until it can’t

early mornings
I watch for you
only light returns



Together after the snowstorm

A man boils
eggs they
are perfect
how rare!

Often he fails
to intuit the insides
outside, everything glows
but is very cold

he has not said
love so is surprised
to discover it
in his mouth



BEN GALLAGHER is a Toronto-based poet and essayist. He has worked as a landscaper, wedding caterer, sailing instructor, and art teacher, among other odd jobs. He is about to begin a PhD at OISE, researching arts education and mental health. Recent writing can be found online at , Lion’s Roar, (Parenthetical), and The Puritan, and new poems and essays are forthcoming with Arc and Prairie Fire.


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