Procrastinating in the Law Library

Ah! Of all the many poems listed in this
collection of Frank O’Hara’s finest,
to think I cannot even find one titled “Rain”
seems a mistake.

A l’autre côte de la fenêtre,
Il y a des petites morceaux de l’eau
et pour maintenant, je suis content, vraiment.

In my study, Peter Gabriel plays his Sledgehammer
Nick too, would enjoy this. His head swaying rhythmically—
no doubt.

There is something about a light rain
that moves me. I feel it often. I feel
the calm within a sound of cool. I
see it, slowly.

Waking up from another dream of you
this morning, I grinned. You do not bother me
with your smile anymore. Not today, at least.

Not while I hear faint tapping at my window,
knowing the sky sits still, lavender grey. Not while
this coffee is still hot enough to drink, I feel assertive.

Enough, enough! I’ve been here at Lederman
for over an hour now, and I’ve yet to open a
single textbook, but have written down everything
I wanted to learn today.



ADRIAN SMITH is a writer and recent Queen’s University English graduate. He wrote for The Plaid Zebra magazine before going back to school this fall to begin a postgraduate certificate in copywriting at Humber College, and is working on a short story collection he hopes to complete sometime next year.


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