Under the three skyscrapers you make her ankles sore.
They don’t yet know being avoided at house parties.

She loses to the study room floor that burned her back.
Your knees—raw beneath bar dulled denim.

Smoke rings drop fast from your mouth like change.
The GO Station keeps in its breath. She buys her way home.

The sour apple aftertaste gathers—she can’t
search for her keys when her hands are still soaking.

Floating in your Southern Comfort and Coke
wondering who could ever stomach it.

“Do you think we’ll be in love forever?”
You jump out of the pool.

There’s a photo that’s stuck of you highing five
to her iPhone that didn’t make it out of the water

The simplest of minds are alive and kicking
in chlorinated gardens of salt.



SUZANNA DEREWICZ is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. She has recently been published on Metatron’s OMEGA blog, in the Minola Review, (parenthetical), and Peach Mag, among others. Her debut chapbook, Maggie Monologues, was released in Fall 2016 by words(on)pages press. Follow her on Twitter @suzannaderewicz.


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