Two Poems by Caira Clark

Better than that ORACLE®

These are notes not script: delete them

select observer.trip, observer.tripprofile
..to_char(‘YYYY’) year
from observer.trips

– Next select what you need. Taunt the database
with parentheses.

where observer.trip in (‘have_you_seen’, ‘my_elements’, ‘elements’, ‘my-elements’, ‘have-you-seen’, ‘my.elements’, ‘all_through’, ‘the_matrix’)

order by observer.trip,

– You will get what you want
..or else errors you can’t solve. This query will not tell you what it sees
until it races


Spreadsheet blues


Category Time Period Results
When watered once per day for the calendar year in 2015, the mean amount of needles per day that rosemary bushes drop onto pressboard desks in an 11-story office building somewhere in Atlantic Canada. (More information is unavailable due to ethics board approval.) H1 (Jan. to Jun.) 12
H2 (Jul. to Dec.) 20 (I fell on it once and forgot to water for a few days and hung some ornaments on it for Christmas and so this sample may not be representative.)
The associated number of scent particles that were released into the air exchange of the 11-story office building.(This information was collected in order to determine the occupational health and safety risk of these particles to allergy sufferers, and the intensity of scent generated from the air exchange.) H1 (Jan. to Jun.) Whatever instrument this measurement requires, I do not have it.
H2 (Jul. to Dec.)  


See above.



CAIRA CLARK grew up in New Brunswick but now calls Nova Scotia home. Her poetry has been shortlisted in contests for Fog Lit and untethered. Currently, she is an apprentice in the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia Alistair McLeod Mentorship Program. Find her online on Twitter @CairaMhairi or at


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